Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?
Just click on the Sign Up link to start creating an account.

Do you resell the data of members?
Nope! Like Apple, we care about user privacy. So we do not share or resell the data of users.

Do you display ads?
Nope! We want to provide the best user experience. You will not see any ads.

Is it a FREE service?
Once registered, yes. To avoid spammers or fake accounts, for the high-quality of the service, we are requesting a small payment of $29 only. It’s a one-time payment only, not a recurring subscription. This is the only solution working for the safety of the community. This is also an efficient way to prevent kids from registering an account. FREE registration is not working, any social network is quickly flooded by bots or spammers, not us 🙂 . If you don’t have a job, you will get a free account. Send your portfolio link to

How do I provide feedback?
There are two ways. If you installed the app, go to BestofDesign menu and select Feedback option. Otherwise, you can always send an email to

Do you offer a desktop app for Mac?
YES. You can use this link to download it:
NOTE: requires macOS 11 or later versions.

Is the service fully compliant to European GDPR regulation and privacy laws?
YES. You can download your data at any time and you can also delete your account at any time.

Who created the service?
BestOfDesign is a development made by xProline LLC based in Las Vegas, NV, USA.